Triphala Side Effects

Whether you use  triphala powder  or capsule form you need to know all triphala side effects. This amazing Ayurvedic herb has numerous benefits including whole body detox, alleviates and corrects constipation, purifies the blood, protects the eyes, heart and skin, boosts the immune system and much more.

This herb has more benefits than any other Ayurvedic medicine. Powder form of triphala is used by many due to its popularity, but if you  do not like the taste or feel that it is better for your body, feel free to try triphala tablets.


Triphala churna side effects

Also, it is recommended not to take triphala if you are experiencing diarrhea. However, if this happens, don’t take this supplement few days and then take it at half the dosage you had previously. Then, increase the dosage in small amounts.

Can pregnant womens take triphala? The answer is not. The Ayurvedic practitioners recommend that during pregnancy not to use this supplement, although Amla (one of the three ingredients of triphala) it is recommended for lactating mothers.

Damage of colon muscles may be another triphala side effect. Although this happens very rarely, you should know about it too. Generally this happens to high and prolonged dosage of triphala (much more than the recommended dosage).

You should know that triphala guggulu should not be taken with meat, alcohol, tabacco, ice creams. Pregnant womens should avoid this supplement also. Here you can find more information about guggulu side effects.

Other possible side effects of triphala may be nausea, fluctuations in blood sugar levels, difficulty in sleeping, dysentery, and discomfort. Most of all these side effects may be due to an improper dosage. Triphala benefits in many ways, but you have to be very carefull about how to take triphala.

This supplement has not been suspected to have toxic side effects with any medication. However, taking triphala in combination with certain allopathic medicines may be risky for your health. If you take some drugs and want also to use this supplement it is recommended to discuss with a doctor before using it.


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It is well known that triphala benefits your body in such many ways, but like any other supplement you should be aware of triphala side effects before using it. If you follow the recommended dosage, you should have no worries.