Triphala Churna

No matter whatever we do in our life, good health has always been of prime importance for all. Thus, it is extremely necessary that we take some additional health supplements to remain away from numerous diseases.

Great news is that Triphala churna is here, which is one of the most beneficial health supplements as it provides countless health benefits to its consumers. It nurtures health and diminishes health problems.

Moreover, it is one of the best remedies for weight loss. Triphala churna benefits in many ways, let us read this article to explore more about this herbal marvel.


Know more about the herb called Triphala

So, what is triphala and what are its benefits? Triphala is a medicinal herb that is majorly famous as an effective mild laxative. It helps in improving digestion and assimilation. It is also known as one of the best natural colon cleanser. Triphala was first prescribed and used in India. It is made by mixing the extracts of three highly effective and beneficial herbs: Chebulic Myrobalan, Belleric Myrobalan and Indian Gooseberry.


The balanced formula for this long-established herbal healthcare medicine dates back thousands of years. Triphala is even termed as ‘the nectar for life’ in various old literatures of Ayurveda like Charaka Samhita and Susruta Samhita.

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What is Triphala churna?

Triphala churna is refined and powdered form of the wonder herb Triphala. Many people even recognize it as Triphala churna powder. With all the beneficial qualities of Triphala, the it benefits in various health disorders, especially the ones related to the digestive system.

It is also known as the caretaker of all internal organs of our body. Many people consume this ayurvedic medicine for weight loss, as it is an efficient metabolic stimulator.


Churna Benefits

Triphala churna benefits in lots of health problems like indigestion and even diabetes mellitus. Churna also averts unnecessary maturation. It increases the immunity level of a body and thus helps in fighting with various types of fevers. In weight loss, Triphala churna helps a lot as it stimulates the metabolism in our body and encourages the digestive system to work efficiently so that the fat taken in can be consumed in proper manner and no unnecessary storage of fat can take place in the body.


Churna powder purifies blood and improves blood circulation; thus, it helps in cleansing the lungs and the liver in the most apt way. Hence, it benefits in various diseases related to liver and lungs like jaundice and bronchitis. Various health experts even believe that this medicine can successfully fight various cancer diseases as it has potential cancer fighting properties.

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Triphala churna benefits in types of skin related problems as well. It removes dead cells and rejuvenates the skin cells to bring natural glow on skin. It also helps in correcting numerous ailments like scars, sunburns or skin rashes.


Powerful anti oxidant

It is also an amazing anti oxidant and thus it diminishes the oxidative pressure on the body. The regular use of this herbal powder certainly detoxifies the body and retains the efficacy of the whole digestive tract without losing excess water from the body. Also, it helps in stimulating peristalsis. It even corrects the balance between the demulcent, digestive and astringent.

Moreover, the high amount of vitamin C present in Triphala churna powder helps in maintaining good reproductive health in both man and woman. Its anti-inflammatory property even helps a lot in various orthopedic health conditions like arthritis. In addition, this medicinal powder is beneficial in all types of eye diseases like cataract, progressive myopia, conjunctivitis and even glaucoma.

Triphala churna benefits not only the persons having diseases, but it also helps the students a lot. It makes the brain sharp and attentive by cutting off anxiety and nervousness. Plus, it strengthens the brain cells, which results in good memory power and great comprehensibility for any subject.


Weight loss

 Though, Triphala churna powder is useful in many ways, the use of Triphala is one of the most major uses this health supplement is being consumed for. It directly helps in burning and removing excess fat from the body and tones the muscles to give the body that perfect shape. In weight loss, this ayurvedic medicine really works as an ambrosia for the persons suffering from obesity.


Churna Dosage

After reading the aforementioned benefits of Triphala powder, many people may think that they might have to consume this wonder medicine all the day; however, it is not!

Triphala churna dosage is very simple, i.e. Any person suffering from any of the aforesaid ailments can start taking this wonder health powder in the quantity of just 1-2 tablespoons daily after having your dinner and before getting to sleep.

Please note that there must be a gap of at least 45 minutes between the consumption of dinner and Triphala powder. To get maximum advantage, one should take it with either warm water or lukewarm milk. One can even take it by mixing it with refined butter or honey.

Although the above mentioned Triphala churna dosage is quite effective and doesn’t bring any side effect to the body, consuming it during dysentery and pregnancy must be avoided.